Quadruple Your Power To Control Your Life, Time & Mind :: Let Robert Guide you today…(Yesterday you said Tomorrow)

Who is Robert?

Robert believes that you have the potential to be the best uniquely performing human being that you could ever be; by staying open to new ways to look at how you can positively stay outside your comfort zone.

I understand that you have a life to live; due to the way the world is and systems set in place. It’s very likely that you have a conventional mind where your are more prone to thinking the knowledge gathered from School, College and/or University is the be all and end all of knowledge.

To amount to more than you could ever in life, do this continually:

  1. Continually Step Outside Your Comfort Zone – You will only ever amount to more in your life by staying outside your comfort zone. The further you can go outside your comfort zone in a smart way understanding that failure and success are both results, just you need to know what to do next with both of them – the more you will be living the life you can ultimate live.
  2. Continually Value Your Time – Time is your most priceless asset, though too many give this away so easily and at such a cost it will effect you when its too late for you to ever claw back that lost time in life. To value time, means you should value the time of the people you will come into contact with daily, making sure you always position to give them no doubt to ever not value your time.
  3. Continually Take Evasive Action – Too many people are caught up in an image about life, how to achieve what they deem as success and hanging onto what they deem as knowledge that will set them free. I say you wake up to the fact that knowledge is not power unless it is actionable knowledge – as nothing gained in the form of knowledge that does not allow you to position yourself to take or make immediate action is adding to wasting your priceless time.
  4. Continually Invest In Yourself – You should continually invest in yourself. Your mind, body and soul is an asset, an asset should be invested in to hold its wealth. Your mind can only hold more wealth by buying/investing in actionable information, your body can only be able to enjoy the fruits of labor by buying/investing in healthy regimens and your soul can only be able to know you were a servant to our blindfolded society by continually doing the four things above with pure conviction, persistence and no expectancy for overnight returns.

You can learn of these four continual activities i consider you should take action in everyday to continue to bring in more results as you have already brought results up until this part in your life.

I definitely believe you and i are a fit if your open to the above.

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