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Empower People to Control their Life, Time, Mind and Money

Robert Antwi on Blue Denim ShirtBy Robert Antwi – Empower People to Control their Life, Time, Mind and Money.

Before you can be empowered, you need to know what you wake up to live for, where your time is most priceless, where your mental focus should be and what you can do with the money you have. Download your Future Focus Goalsheet now and get aligned with your future focus.

In the spring of 2012, I discovered I had a gift to empower people.


I published one video in response to someone else’s video on the fear of rejection.

People who watched the video on my Robert Antwi YouTube Channel, messaged me and asked me to publish more videos.

I then published a series of videos and gave them a little push.

My videos (still freely accessible today) offered understandings, suggestions and actionable advice to people who were lucky enough to stumble upon my videos as an answer to their search query.

The response I received in direct messages, emails and comments shocked me.

Comments such as:

Testimonial 1 empower people


and they go on:

Testimonial 2 empower people


Thank you all who left comments on my videos.

Empower People Update (30/3/2017)

Today in 2017 I’m calling that Life, Time, Mind and Money.

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I have come a long way since those videos.

I know that I cannot help everyone, but if my aim was to help everyone, I would help no one.

But I can empower people, which will give them strength and confidence.

See here the definition for the word empower:

empower people defined

I wholeheartedly believe that to be empowered you have to be in search of help.

This is the reason why I have opened the doors to my Life, Time, Mind and Money actions.

My private membership with exclusive content is for people in search of accepting actionable help.

empower people private membership

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It is an individuals want for knowledge that you will not find under the establishment of a school, college or university.

Most commonly referred to as personal and professional development or manifesting oneself.

That is an acceptance on your part.

An acceptance that you have made the choice of wanting to be free.

Your idea of free, free in the sense of becoming a free spirit and not only behind closed doors.

NOT societies idea of the word free.

My friend, your true idea of the word free and in no watered down circumstance.

Your acceptance of the word free may be unimaginable to you, but with accepting my help.

I believe you could find it.

Your acceptance has to come with taking the rough with the smooth as you become a free spirit.

There is no in between!

The Loss of someone who once Empowered you

Too many people have lost the person or never had the person that:

  • once empowered them
  • gave them the strength to empower themselves
  • allowed them to see they were mixing in the wrong circles
  • stopped them from enslaving themselves


Have you always wanted more for yourself?

But you have never been able to make the decisions that will count for now and in the future.

Sadly you are not alone, rather than decisions being made based on the acceptance of their immediate and more often than not the wrong circle.

Empower People: What to do next

Empower People - Life, Time, Mind and Money

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Join / Trial what will be a community of people in similar stages or circumstances who want to live their life, in a desired and a deserved way to them.

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